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Why is Shaw Main Streets Opposing the 9th Street Cycletrack? Facts and Alternatives

Fact: Small businesses in Shaw and the surrounding area are concerned that the economic impact from 9th Street cycletrack will force restaurants, bars and business to close forever.


Fact: Shaw Main Streets encourages and supports economic revitalization and historic preservation along central Shaw’s 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th and U Street, NW commercial corridors, including portions of Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts and New York Avenues.


Fact: Shaw Main Street has attracted and supported more than 400 new businesses to the central Shaw commercial district, resulting in the creation of thousands of new permanent jobs.


Fact: More than $3 billion in commercial and residential development have been facilitated by Shaw Main Streets’ efforts.


Fact: Shaw Main Streets supports all transportation options – bike, mass transit, cars, scooters and walking.


Fact: The 9th Street cycletrack would remove nearly 100 on-street parking spaces and would not provide ADA-accessible parking spaces required by law.


Fact: Protected cycletracks eliminate direct access to the curb for customers being dropped off and picked up and delivery drivers, and often results in the crossing and blocking of bike lanes.


Fact: Limited parking increases the number of idling cars and trucks which become a hazard for other drivers, walkers and bikers.


Fact: Small businesses fear the 9th street cycletrack will do what Covid-19 couldn’t: force their restaurants, bars and nightclubs to close permanently.


Fact: Trucks, including tractor trailers routinely park on and cross the proposed cycletrack route, endangering cyclists and impeding traffic.


Fact: DDOT’s proposed use of a center median on the 1900 block of 9th Street for delivery vehicle parking is impractical and dangerous.


Fact: Fewer on-street parking options lead to increased numbers of parking tickets issued to residents and people visiting local businesses.


Alternative: Make 9th Street north of Massachusetts Avenue one way, like it already is south of New York Avenue.


Alternative: Make 1900 block of 9th Street one way.


Alternative: Put cycletrack in median, like Pennsylvania Avenue, NW cycletrack.


Alternative: Perform an economic impact study to measure the effects of adding cycletracks on the neighborhood and its businesses.