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Shaw Main Streets’ success is dependent on the energy and work of our volunteers.


One of Shaw Main Streets’ earliest goals was to find a way to help make the neighborhood a more attractive place to live, work, shop, play and pray was keeping the streets cleaner.  In 2006, with funding from the District government’s Neighborhood Investment Fund, Shaw Main Streets partnered with the Columbia Heights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative to create the Green Team, which collected trash, abated graffiti, provided directions to pedestrians, and served as ‘eyes and ears’ on the street five days per week.  Funding later came from the DPW BID Litter Assistance Program to expand the service to 7 days per week, and added planting and watering treeboxes.  Green Team workers were almost exclusively ex-offenders, who received training and were paid a living wage. 

In late 2011, Career Path DC took over responsibility for providing these services, which are now funded by the DSLBD Litter Assistance Program and contributions from developers.  When you see these hard working men and women on the street, be sure to thank them for their efforts to keep Shaw beautiful.  Thanks also go to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, who authored legislation and pressed for funding for this important initiative.