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Turn Plywood into Art for a Cause


Following the recent riots, businesses, residences, and other buildings throughout Washington, DC remain boarded up to protect property from the possibility of damage. We support the protestors and their efforts to press for change. But we could end up with an awful lot of plywood in area landfills when the boards come down.

What is next for the wood? This wood could have a second life and serve as a reminder of this landmark time in our nation’s history, instead of finding its way to a landfill. Through the creativity of artists and volunteers, we will be able to keep this moment in time fresh in our minds.

Shaw Main Streets is launching the DC Wood for Good project by asking that businesses and property owners donate their unwanted plywood.

Local artists and creators will be invited to transform this wood into art, useful items like benches and planters, and other items that are useful to the community. While some of the items would end up becoming part of community improvements, some of these artworks and other items will be auctioned and the proceeds used to support local movements that promote equality. Some art may also be displayed during the Art All Night DC festival in September.





Register at to select a date and time for your drop off. Then please deliver your plywood to Parcel 42, located at the northeast corner of 7th and R Streets, NW (near the south Shaw Metro station entrance) at the appointed time. Please be sure to remove all nails, screws, and other sharp objects.



Send an email to [email protected] with your contact information and proposed use for the wood. You will be contacted after inventory has been generated and is made ready for pick up. Based on your project description, quantity of wood provided, you may be asked to post images of your finished work on Instagram, using hashtag #woodforgood, donate items for a charity auction, or make work available for display during the Art All Night DC festival in September.



Thanks to the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, Muriel E. Bowser, Mayor, for providing Parcel 42 for as the location for drop off and temporary storage space for the project.